1981 MCI 9 Detroit Diesel Bus Conversion

OK, all you creative types...
Let's Get this Sucker Designed!

Design Specs: Will be added to as we go along.
Roof must be silver or white to reflect heat. Silver preferably. UPDATE: Now Jim says bright white. Stay tuned.
Work with two or three color design.

Straight lines cheaper than complicated graphics but want sense of movement (HA HA!) for such a large vehicle.
Fenders should be same base color as bus.
Design should extend around bus and serve to break up space.
Color: OPEN. Except it has to be able to sort of blend in different environments and not stick out. Bright colors for accent. We like blue/grey/silver. No green/gold/yellow/purple schemes.

What else? Graphics should be interesting and break up the space but not draw too much attention to the bus when trying to be discreet. LOL! IN A BUS!

Click any photo below for a larger view or to copy and play with on computer.

March 24: Graphics we like but use colors below, WIllow Frost, Silver, Dark Charcoal:


March 23: Not sure this is getting anywhere...

Side View: March 21

Perspectives: March 16


Side of bus - DUH!
From rear
Three quarter Driver side
Below I'm just going to post everything I have done so far. I guess the order they are in is how it's evolved. First, we thought we might be able to use the original paint job but it has been too long since it was base coated, so a complete re-do is in order. So color, etc. all open.
March 5 : I like the idea of some movement in the graphic and something like on the right would probably not bump up the cost too bad.
March 8
This is the only sort of three quarter view of passenger side I have.
March 12