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About Us

The Falcon on the Texas Speedway track in 2003. It's sold now.

Wendy and Jim

We're Wendy and Jim. We live in Kansas and we celebrated our 20th anniversary in October 2010. We have been National Falcon Club members since Jim got his Falcon in 1996.

We moved to Kansas 15 years ago from the Washington DC area and welike it here for now. We love our kitties, travel, good food and drink, friends, conversation, reading; and mostly, each other.

In 2010 we took a bus. Really. See it here.
Click HERE to keep up on the 2009 FCA action!
And HERE for the 2010 FCA Action.

And HERE For Oldsmobile 2009 action.
And HERE for 2010 Oldsmobile Meet.

Jim is a recently retired Senior Technical Training Specialist for a software consulting firm. I'm an artist, photographer and graphic designer (click here to see art, design and photography).

I've been the Editor of the The National Falcon News for the past 12 years and The Editor of Runabouts to Rockets, the magazine of the National Antique Oldsmobile Club since January 2008. We have met good friends in the local Falcon chapter and the National Falcon Club and National Antique Oldsmobile Club. We thank everybody for their encouragement, assistance and support through the Falcon restoration project.

And the Truck...
And the Studebaker.

More about the Falcon Sprint here.

What's Next? The bus! Check out our Mightybus Blog Here.