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Narcissus was a stray kitty who came to live with us in 2000. At first, we noticed him hanging around the fish pond. I thought he was looking at his reflection, but he was really trying to catch fish. He did catch and eat several, but we also we able to rescue several fish that he caught, but didn't "bite down on" yet and release them back into the pond. After a lengthy adoption periood, during which he went from totally wild to semi-tame, he moved in. He is a big strong kitty, about 15 pounds and he is addicted to Pounce. He got a new kitty friend in April 2006, Tikita. She is also white and very sweet. See Tikita here. Unfortunately, my big white buddy died July 16, 2007. He was the only kitty I ever taught to do a trick. I miss him.
Special set of Narcissus here.

Lots more photos of all the kitties on Flickr.