Cherie's story about her car
Our pond renovation
Astrid and Carmella
Narcissus, my big white kitty
Percy was a sweet kitty
Orange Kitty, an adopted stray
Thanksgiving Day
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Most of these pages were posted
and the URL only given out to a few folks.
Here they are for the Intertube's viewing pleasure.

My mom and sisters
Cherie has several of these, they're great!
Cherie's gnome
At the office Christmas party
Us in like, 2006, I think.
Jim calls this the Highbiscuit.
This lovely Blenko vase lasted  all spring and summer until Astrid fell off the second floor stairwell and crashed to the floor below, taking the vase with her. Fortunately she was unharmed, but the vase was not.
My friend Stan gave me this plant, it blooms profusely in the pond all summer long.
Images from my Garden. More here.
Graffiti rocks!
My favorite part of Geneva, Switzerland was the graffiti!